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How To Buy Postage Stamp Without Going To Post Office

Mailing potentially dangerous items like firearms can be a tricky business. Many laws and regulations govern this type of transport. This article is intended as general advice for an unlicensed person (a person not holding a valid Federal Firearms License, e.g., not a gun dealer) mailing within the U.S. (importing and exporting add an extra level of complexity, which will not be addressed here).

Know that you can ship in-state to anyone. If you are shipping within a state, you can ship to anyone legally allowed to possess a firearm, including a non-licensee.

Be aware you can also ship a firearm to yourself in a different stateā€”for instance, if you are going on a hunting trip in that state. However, only you may open and take possession of the package.

Do not ship handguns through the United States Postal Service (USPS). USPS does not accept handguns for shipment from non-licensees.
If you want to ship a handgun as a non-licensee, you will have to use a contract carrier like FedEx or UPS.
As a non-licensee, you may only ship rifles or shotguns through the USPS.

Understand that if you have an Federal Firearms License (FFL), you may ship handguns through the USPS after filing USPS Form PS 1508[1] with the branch where the handgun is to be shipped.

Know that you can ship out-of-state only to a FFL holder. If you are shipping to a different state, federal law requires the recipient to hold a current, valid FFL.
If shipping out-of-state to a FFL holder, have the FFL holder fax, email, or mail you a copy of their FFL license certificate. Only ship to the person and address listed on the certificate.

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